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The effect of snow cover area and duration changes on vegetation cover in Chaharmal and Bakhtiari Province

Leila Yaghamei; Reza Jafari; Saeed Soltani; Hasan Jahanbazi

Volume 74, Issue 4 , March 2022, , Pages 917-938


  Snow is one of the effective fators on vegetation rate and function in mountainous areas. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of snow cover area index and snow cover duration index on two declining and dominant plant species including Astragalus adscendens and Quercus brantii in Chaharmal ...  Read More

Quantitative assessment and validation of the TM land surface temperature using synoptic weather stations

Nahid Moshtagh; Reza Jafari; Saied Soltani; Nafiseh Ramezani

Volume 74, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 501-511


  Land surface temperature (LST) is an essential parameter in ecological, hydrologic, climatic, and related studies. The objective of this study was to evaluate the performance of Artis and Sobrino algorithms for retrieving LST from 2009 Landsat TM thermal infrared band in Damaneh region of Isfahan province. ...  Read More

Monitoring the Effects of Precipitation on Vegetation Cover Changes Using Remote Sensing Techniques in 12 Years Period (Case study: Semirom Isfahan)

Fatemeh Hadian; Reza Jafari; Hossein Bashari; Saeed Soltani

Volume 66, Issue 4 , March 2014, , Pages 621-632


  Because soil moisture condition affects vegetation changes hence, monitoring of drought and vegetation changes are among valuable management tools in these ecosystems. Nowadays, satellite images are used as a low-cost and fast method for vegetation study in different scales. Vegetation change is assessed ...  Read More