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Investigation of effect of parent material and plant species on profile distribution of nutritional elements in soils of Kuhrang mountain rangelands

pooya hoshyar; Hossein Khademi; Shamsollah Ayoubi; Mehdi Norouzi

Volume 70, Issue 4 , January 2018, , Pages 1089-1102


  Parent material and vegetation are two important and influential factors in the formation of soil. Type of elements in the soil and their availability to plants depends deeply on soil parent material. However, type and density of vegetation change with amount of organic matter and mechanism of element ...  Read More

Spatial variability of rainfall erosivity indices using geostatistics in Khouzestan Province

Hossein Eslami; Ali Salajagheh; Shahram Khalighi sigaroudi; hasan Ahmadi; Shamsollah Ayoubi

Volume 67, Issue 3 , December 2014, , Pages 393-406


  Rainfall erosivity is the ability of rainfall to detach the soil particles. This study was conducted to evaluate spatial variability of rainfall erosivity indices in Khouzestan Province. The point data of indices (EI30, AIm, KE>1 and Onchev indices) in 74 stations were used to generate spatial erosivity ...  Read More