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Comparison of rainfall interception among tree species in urban green space of Hashtgerd watershed

Seyed Mahdi Sadat Rasoul; Ebrahim Omidvar; Reza Ghazavi

Volume 76, Issue 4 , February 2024, , Pages 321-335


  In the recent years, science and technology in urban green space have largely focused on technologies that facilitate infiltration and reduce runoff (such as rain gardens and permeable sidewalks). Trees in urban green space reduce the net rainfall by interception, and on the other hand, their extensive ...  Read More

Investigating Vulnerability of Urban Areas to Flood Using TOPSIS Method (Case study: Azimiyeh, Karaj)

mina pouresmaeel; ali salajegheh; Arash Malekian; amirreza keshtkar

Volume 74, Issue 1 , June 2021, , Pages 23-36


  The complexity of the urban environment makes it difficult to consider all the vulnerable components of the urban. Hence, decision-making in urban environments is one of the most important issues in modern management. As a result, the purpose of this study is to investigate the urban vulnerability of ...  Read More

Evaluating The Performance of SWMM Model to Simulate Urban Runoff Hydrograph (Case Study: The Part of District 22 of Tehran)

Fariba Zakizadeh; Alireza Moghaddam Nia; Ali Salajegheh; Abdollah Ardeshir

Volume 73, Issue 2 , September 2020, , Pages 337-346


  Over the past few decades due to population growth and urban development, urban runoff has increased and led to different problems such as inundation of urban pathways, dissemination of environmental pollutions and flood hazards. In order to urban runoff management, it is necessary to estimate runoff ...  Read More

Evaluation of the effect of forest cover on quantitative and qualitative runoff parameters in Chitgar Forest Park Watershed, Tehran

Azam Tabarzadi; Meghdad Jourgholami; Alireza Moghaddam Nia; Baris Majnounian Garagiz; Pedram Attarod

Volume 71, Issue 4 , March 2019, , Pages 997-1011


  Many environmental challenges such as stormwater runoff and flood risk, chemical and particulate pollution of urban air, soil and water, the urban heat island, and summer heat waves are exacerbated in urban environments. Runoff from heavy rainfall in many parts of the world lead to erosion, sedimentation ...  Read More