Carbon sequestration potential of three species including Agropyron elengatum, Stipa barbata and Artemisia aucheri was evaluated in parts of a semi-arid rangeland in this study. After determination and selecting key areas as study sites, sampling from vegetation and soil, based on randomized systematic method, was done and 90 plant and 45 soil samples were taken, respectively. Shooting and rooting organs of the species were separated from each other after transfer to the laboratory and carbon sequestration coefficient of plant organs was determined with combustion method.Then carbon sequestration coefficient of different species, organs and soil under these species were analyzed. The results showed that carbon sequestration rate between studied three species, had significantly statistical difference (p<%5) while Artemisia aucheri had the highest carbon sequestration rate in the region. Also carbon sequestration between organs (roots, stems and leaves) of three species showed significantly statistical difference (p<%5). Investigation of soil carbon storage showed that Artemisia aucher stores 29.445 t/ha carbon in the soil which is higher than other studied species.