Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student of Watershed Management, Faculty of Natural Resources of Yazd University

2 Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resources and Desert, Yazd University,

3 Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources and Desert, Yazd University

4 Faculty Member of Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of Yazd

5 Faculty of Natural Resources of Yazd University


Given the widespread distribution of flood water spreading areas and variety of main effective parameters in their design and implementation, assessment of the performance of system components located in different areas of the country is necessary so that optimal patterns can be achieved. This research was done to assess the impact of the flood water spreading projects on soil characteristics in Yazd (Bafg, Herat and Mehriz flood spreading projects). To this end, in the first to the third spreading basin of projects and three a control sites were selected. Then,  99 soil samples  in profiles were collected at five depths and physical and chemical properties were studied in the laboratory. Statistical analysis was performed by independent t-test. The results showed physical and chemical properties of soil is not significantly different from controls in Bafgh flood water spreading projects. In Herat, some parameters such as Electrical Conductivity, pH, Calcium and Potassium in the limited depths was significantly different but in Mehriz, most chemical parameters showed significant difference and decreasing trend. The results showed water infiltration and leaching of soil in the Mehriz area was more than others, while less in Herat and the least in Bafg.