Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD student. Arid Zone Management, Yazd University,Iran

2 assistant professor


Soil particles are one of the most effective characteristics related to erodibility and main hydrological and physical aspects of soil. This is important to understand soil characteristics which control soil stability in the case of conservation of soil structure. Also, recognizing critical soil properties such as organic matters in the regions, where soil erosion is resulted from natural patterns of aggregates will be fundamental key in conservation strategies. In this paper, organic matter measurement, discovery of particles stability and interactions between these two factors have been aimed. Sampling was done in three different densities (<200, 200-400 and >200 stand per hectare) and 30 replications. The results revealed that Atriplex spp. Increased soil organic matter and also soil stability. Different planting distances were not effective in level of 5%. Therefore; improvement of soil particles stability and controlling soil erosion in the study area depend on soil management and implication of soil conservation projects.