Volume & Issue: Volume 70, Issue 4, Winter 2018, Pages 822-1102 
2. Investigate the vegetative properties and chemical composition of Ferula hausskenechtii

Pages 837-849

Hossein Azarnivand; Sedigh MOhammadi; Sadegh Hossein niyaee; Pouyan Dehghan

3. Net primary production variations under the effect of topographic factors in mountain rangelands of Namin county

Pages 851-867

Elnaz Hassanzadeh Kuhsareh; ardavan ghorbani; Mehdi Moameri; kazem hashemi majd; Ardeshir pounemati

5. Assessing the efficiency of SWAT model for runoff simulation in Gamasiyab basin

Pages 881-893

Shahab oddin Zarezade Mehrizi; Asadollah Khoorani; Javad Bazrafshan; Ommolbanin Bazrafshan

8. Modelling and Assessment of Landslide Susceptibility Zonation (Case Study: Semirom Basin)

Pages 921-939

ALIREZA Arabameri; kourosh shirani; khalil rezai; mojtaba yamani

9. The effect of different intensities of grazing on soil chemical properties

Pages 941-951

Bakhtiar Fattahi; Mohammad Jafari; Soheila Aghabeigi Amin; mahdieh salehi; ayoub karimi; Azad Karami

11. Performance of HEC-HMS and IHACRES Hydrological Models in Simulation of Flood Hydrograph

Pages 965-976

Mohammad Golshan; Abazar Esmaili; ali afzali; Afshin Jahanshahi

14. Comparison of the existing and RS geological maps (Case study: Vartavan catchment)

Pages 1005-1013

jamal mosaffaie; mohammad reza ekhtesasi; Amin Saleh pourjam

17. Effect of various structures and input on the estimation of daily discharge of Amameh watershed

Pages 1045-1066

mahboobeh moatamednia; ahmad nohegar; arash malekian; maryam saberi anari