Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Yasouj

2 University of Tehran

3 M.Sc in Environment and Natural Resources, International Desert Research Center, Tehran.

4 Hydro-geologist, Private Consultant, Unit 7, Blook 45, Amir Abad, Abadan


This research tries to show the role and importance of karst formations in the infiltration of surface flows and recharge of groundwater resources in the region by determining the lineaments of geological formations in watersheds leading to the Persian Gulf and explaining the relative contribution of each formation. For this purpose, The closest sub-basins to the Persian Gulf from the four basins of the rivers including Mond, Helleh, Kol-Mehran and Zohreh, to extract the lineaments, draw rose diagram and analyze them using ENVI® 5.3 software, PCI Geomatica, GIS10.3.1 and Rock works 2016 was selected. Initially, the frequency, density, intersection, direction, size and intensity of the lineaments in the formations of the region were determined. Then, by explaining and defining the lineament index, the importance and impact of each formation in the potential recharge of groundwater resources were determined. The results show that the highest percentage of frequency, intersection percentage and length of lineament are attributed to Asmari-Jahrom Formation and the highest percentage of Lineament intensity to Ilam-Sarvak Formation; the numerical value of the lineament intensity in the karst formations is three times as non-karstic formations. In general, the investigation of the condition of the lineament shows that the lineaments are basically created in the karst formations, so that the numerical value of the lineament index in the karst formations is 72.7, while the value in the non-karstic formations is 2.3. Furthermore, orientation of lineaments according to their frequency and length, in the whole range of study,