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1 Assistant professor, Department of Range and Watershed Management, Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Urmia University, Urmia

2 Fasa University

3 Urmia University


Plant growth and yield in the environment is affected by numerous biotic and abiotic environmental stresses as well as seed dormancy. The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of seed washing treatments with sulfuric acid and irrigation of seeds with saline water on seed germination of Zygophyllum fabago. According to previous relevant researches, for this purpose, three concentrations of 0, 10 and 20% were prepared for acid washing treatment. For salinity treatment, four levels were considered: 0, 60, 90 and 120 mmol / l. Irrigation with spray water was applied evenly on all pteridia when necessary. Germinated seeds were counted daily and continued until no increase in the number of germinated seeds was observed .Comparison of the mean of the main effect of different levels of acid treatment on the germination percentage of Z. fabago showed that zero and ten percent acid concentration treatments with 59 and 60 percent have a higher value. Regarding the comparison of the mean of the interaction effects of acid and salinity, the results showed that the best treatment combination is zero percent acid and zero salinity of ten and ten millimoles per liter. Therefore, Z. fabago species needs low concentrations of salinity and sulfuric acid for optimal growth. Therefore, it can be used to improve and rehabilitate rangeland ecosystems according to the salinity of the area.


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