Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Zabol

2 Range and watershed management department, Water and Soil collage, University of Zabol

3 MSc student in Range management, Faculty of water and soil, University of Zabol


Germination is one of the most important stages of plant growth that may be affected by different stresses in ‎natural environments. This study was kind aimed to investigate the effects of substrate and different levels of ‎gibberellic and indole butyric acid on germination characteristics of Salvadora persica seeds in 2019. Two factors ‎was considered consist of substrate (in four types (1- pit moss, 2 - cocopit and 3 - pit moss 50% + sand 50% 4 - ‎Cocopit 50% + 50% sand), and gibberellic acid (in two levels 250 and 500 ppm) and indole butyric acid (in two ‎levels 250 and 500 ppm). Then, the effect of these two factors and distilled water as the control in three ‎replications on seed germination and seedling growth of Salvadora persica was investigated using a completely ‎randomized factorial design. The results showed that the substrate had a significant effect on germination ‎percentage, root length, shoot length, seedling, fresh root weight, shoot fresh weight and seed vigor index ‎‎(p < 0.01). Seed pretreatment with gibberellic and indole butyric acid hormones had a significant effect on all ‎studied characteristics. Interaction of substrate type and pretreatment with hormones had a significant effect on ‎germination percentage, root length, shoot length, seedling and seed vigor index (p < 0.01) and had no significant ‎effect on root and shoot fresh weight. The highest germination percentage was obtained in cocopeat and ‎gibberellic acid 250 ppm (73%).


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