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Effects of water stress on germination indices in four genotypes of rangeland species Bromus tomentellus

Mojtaba Akhavan Armaki; Hossein Azarnavand; Mohammad Hasan Asareh; Ali Ashraf Jafari; Ali Tavili

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 167-177


  Environmental stress especially drought is one of the most important factors to reduce and disturbance in different stages of floral growth especially sprouting in dry and semi-dry lands of Iran. For this purpose a factorial essay executed in accidentally manner with four iterations in vitro condition. ...  Read More

Comparison of techniques for density measurement in three plants communities F.ovina, B. tomentellus and P.ferulacea (Research station: Rangelands of Saral in Kurdistan province)

Jamal Imani; Hossein Arzani; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 179-190


  For assessment and comparison of measuring density methods of Festuca ovina, Bromus tomentellus and prangos ferulacea, three plants communities are selected. In all of plant community, reference area was defined and samples 7000 (70*100) square meter was selected. Whole the area, sampling was accumplished ...  Read More

Pedogeomorphic evolution of an alluvial fan in central Iran

Omid Bayat; Hamid Karimzadeh; Mostafa Eghbal; Hossein Khademi

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 191-206


  Despite of suitable geological and climatic conditions for forming and evolution of alluvial fans and importance of this landform as soil and water resources in arid regions, there are limited studies about this landform in Iran. In the present study, evolution and pedogenic development of geomorphic ...  Read More

Comparison of Neuro-Fuzzy, Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Neural Network and Multivariate Regression for Prediction of Soil Salinity (Case study: Ardakan City)

Ruollah Taghizadeh Mehrjardi; Fereydoon Sarmadian; Gholem Reza Savaghebi; Mahmoud Omid; Nourayer Toomanian; Mohammad Javad Rousta; Mohammad Hasan Rahimiyan

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 207-222


  In recent years, alternative methods have been used for estimation of soil salinity. Therefore, at present research, 600 soil samples collected from Ardakan in central Iran. Then EM38 and terrain parameters such as wetness index, land index and curvature as readily measured properties and soil salinity ...  Read More

Effects of forest harvesting operations on physical properties and soil penetration resistance (Case study: Kheyrud forest)

Meghdad Jourgholami; Vahid Rizvandi; Baris Majnounian Garagiz

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 223-236


  Assessment and management of the environmental impacts of forest harvesting operations have become increasingly critical factors in practicing commercial forestry. This study investigated soil disturbance from a forest logging system operation on an 8-hectare mixed broadleaved stand in compartment no. ...  Read More

Diet by Dalagh sheep in east winter rangelands of Golestan province (Case study: Gomishan rangelands)

Gholam Ali Heshmati; Diana Askarizadeh; Rahim Forouzeh

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 237-249


  In order to determine the diet of Dalagh sheep, winter rangeland of Gomishan plain was selected. After delineating of the grazingland territory, rangeland condition and plant combination was determined by Range Value method and range trend was obtained by Trend Balance method. Time of bite-count record ...  Read More

Regional flow duration curve in arid regions for ungauged basins (Case study: Central Iran)

Asghar Zare Chahouki; Ali Salajegheh; Mohammad Mahdavi; Sharam Khalighi; Said Asadi

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 251-265


  A flow-duration curve (FDC) illustrates the relationship between the frequency and magnitude of streamflow. Applications of FDC are of interest for many hydrological problems related to hydropower generation, river and reservoir sedimentation, water quality assessment, water-use assessment, water allocation ...  Read More

Effects of different harvesting intensity on production, strength and vitality of Bromus tomentellus (case study: Majid Abad Qorveh rangelands, Kurdistan)

Salahudin Zahedi; Farhang Ghasriani; Mina Bayat

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 267-276


  To study the effect of different harvesting intensity on forage production of Bromus tomentellus was considered of Majid Abad Qorveh. Treatments included four harvested intensity 25, 50 and 75 percent and control (no harvest).Data were analyzed based on splitplot over time during four years(1386-1389) ...  Read More

Assessment of Problems rangeland permanent management in watershed land from exploitations view point (Case study: Damavand Summer Rangeland in Amol County )

Hamid Reza Saeidi Goraghani; Ghodrat alah Heydari; Hossein Barani; Zakaria Alavi

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 277-286


  This study is trying to exploitations view point and permanent management problems of rangeland to evaluate in ranches Damavand Summer Rangeland in Amol County. Statistical Society are utilizations 15 ranch that with three methods, collective property, private property and council property from rangeland ...  Read More

An investigation on detrimental effect and potential use of fire as a management tool for plant community composition in semi-steppe rangelands, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province

Pejman Tahmasbi

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 287-298


  Fire is one of the most important ecological factors in semi-steppe rangelands directing plant community composition, diversity, structure and function of ecosystems. Our primary aim was to examine the effect of fire on plant community composition, diversity, plant species restoration and animal selectivity ...  Read More

Investigation of sediment sources of Drainage Basin by fingerprinting Method

Sadat Feiznia; Asghar Kouhpeima; Hasan Ahmadi; Ali Asghar Hashemi

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 299-306


  Due to successes of fingerprinting method in producing rapid and low-cost information of sediment sources, in this research this method was used in three sub-cathments of Chasht-Khoran Basin in Semnan Province: Amrovan, Atari and Ali-Abad. Samples below 63 μm were separated and 15 fingerprinting propertis ...  Read More

Investigation of the human deriving forces affecting land use change (Case study: Seyed mohaleh and Drasara villages – Tonekabon city)

Ali Akbar Mehrabi; Mohammad Mohammadi; Mohsen Mohseni Saravi; Mohammad Jafari; Mehdi Ghorbani

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, Pages 307-320


  Providing of landing use maps and detecting of land capacity are required to manage of natural resources and environment and planning of land use. On the other hand, it is necessary to detect of the human deriving forces affecting land use change. In this research, we selected Seyed mohaleh and Drasara ...  Read More