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Effect of evergreen Juniperus sabina and deciduous Berberis integerrima species on some substratum soil physico-chemical characteristics

Reza Erfanzadeh; Mohammad Jafari; Misagh Ghasempour

Volume 76, Issue 1 , June 2023, , Pages 15-27


  This study aimed to investigate the effect of Juniperus sabina (evergreen) and Berberis integerrima (deciduous) and herbaceous patches on some soil properties (pH, EC, aggregate stability, microbial respiration, organic carbon and nitrogen) in their habitats. In June, when maximum growth of the dominant ...  Read More

Comparison of the effect of three woody species of Daphne mezerum, Amygdalus scopaia and Ebenus stellata on the diversity, richness and production of understory herbaceous species

moslem yazdani; reza erfanzadeh; Asghar Mosleh Arani

Volume 73, Issue 3 , December 2020, , Pages 663-673


  Study of the effect of woody plant species on the production, diversity and richness of substratum herbaceous species, especially in the arid and semiarid regions, is essential for the proper management of these ecosystems. Therefore, the rangelands of Chenarnaz region in Khatam city in Yazd province ...  Read More

Depositions Analysis of Actors and Social Capital for Co_ Management of Socio_Ecologic Systems (Study Area: Hagholkhaje Village, Mayamey District, Semnan Province)

leila avazpour; mahdi ghorbani; reza erfanzadeh

Volume 70, Issue 2 , August 2017, , Pages 435-448


  Social capital is the prerequisite of co_management. Evaluation of social capital for achieving community-based management is therefore of capital importance. Detection of key actors in local communities for co_management of natural eco_systems is as well quite important. These people are generally regarded ...  Read More

Impact of land use changes from rangeland to horti-agriculture on soil total carbon and particulate organic matter in micro- and macro aggregates (Case study: Salavatabad, Sanandaj)

Leila Zandi; Reza Erfanzadeh; Hamid Joneidi-Jafari

Volume 69, Issue 3 , December 2016, , Pages 587-596


  This study aimed to determine the effect of land use changes from rangeland to horti-agricultural lands on the most important qualitative characteristics of soil such as total soil carbon and particulate organic matter, in Salavatabad region, Sanandaj. In the present study, one rangeland, two cultivated ...  Read More