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The effectiveness of Clark's Instantaneous unit hydrograph model (IUH) on the spatial resolution of different digital elevation models

Fariba Esmaeili; Mehdi Vatakhah; Vahid Moosavi

Volume 75, Issue 4 , January 2023, , Pages 661-674


  The current study evaluates the effectiveness of Clark's Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (IUH) model from the accuracy of different Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) including TOPO, ALOS PALSAR, ASTER, SRTM and GTOPO in the Amameh watershed. For this purpose, at first, 34 rainfall-runoff events were selected. ...  Read More

The effects of vegetation cover on runoff and sediment yield in plot scale of Kheyrud Forest Watershed

maryam etehadi abari; a a; a a; meghdad jur gholami

Volume 72, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 1-14


  Land cover is also important factor for protecting the soil against erosion. A fully forested watershed experiences relatively little surface erosion, but timber harvest alters the canopy cover, exposing the soil to water and wind. Forests provide the maximum amount of soil protection. Reduction of vegetative ...  Read More

Effect of land use change and urbanization on runoff peak discharge (Case Study: Zanjan City)

Fatemeh Einloo; Ali Salajegheh; Arash Malekian; Mohsen Ahadnejad

Volume 71, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 205-221


  Urbanization has led to development the impervious surfaces and subsequently changes in urban hydrology. The aim of this study is investigate the effect of land use change and urbanization on the changes of runoff peak discharge in Zanjan City Watershed, Iran. In order to, Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) ...  Read More

The Effects of Geological Units’ Characteristics and Slope Gradient on Runoff and Sediment Yield Using Rainfall Simulator (Case study: Senobar Watershed, Torbat-e-Heydarieh)

parisa farzi; maryam azarakhshi; ali rasoulzadeh; mehdi bashiri

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, , Pages 437-447


  Characteristics of stones forming the earth's surface contribute significantly to environmental changes such as soil erosion and movements of soil particles. This study seeks to investigate the main and reciprocal effects of geological units and slope gradient on runoff and sediment production in Senobar ...  Read More

Capability of hillslope version of WEPP model in prediction of runoff and soil erosion dynamic in different type of semi-arid rangeland

yahya Parvizi; mohammad gheitury; Mosieb Heshmati

Volume 67, Issue 4 , May 2015, , Pages 501-513


  The WEPP physically model is able to dynamically simulate runoff and soil erosion using physical concepts of erosion and hydraulic of overland flow science considering plant growth, residue decomposition, winter process. Determination of the capability of this model in runoff and erosion estimation in ...  Read More

Performance of rangeland hydrology and erosion model for estimating sediment yield on rangeland’s hill slopes in dry regions (A Case study: Shahid Noori watershed, Khorasan Razavy)

Ali Golkarian; Davoud Davoudi Moghaddam; Seyed Amir Naghibi; Masoud Eshghizadeh

Volume 66, Issue 3 , November 2013, , Pages 457-467


  Soil erosion is undoubtedly one of the most important problems in natural areas and has a devastating impact on grassland ecosystems. The present study was conducted to assess the ability of Rangeland Hydrology and Erosion Model for estimating sediment yield on rangeland’s hill slopes in dry regions ...  Read More

Effect of Soil Properties on Runoff and Soil Erosion in Forest Lands

A Kavian; ALI Azmodeh; K Soleimani; GH Vahabzadeh

Volume 63, Issue 1 , June 2010, , Pages 89-114

  Globally, soil erosion is one of the most important environmental problems which is threaten soil and water resources. Soil properties are main parameters to affect runoff and soil erosion processes. So, this study was conducted to investigate the effects of some soil properties on runoff and soil erosion ...  Read More

Assessment of runoff and sediment generation in Neogene's units under rainfall simulator (Case study: Taleghan Basin

S. H. Hosseini; S. Feiznia; H. R. Peyrovan; Gh. R. Zehtabian

Volume 62, Issue 2 , October 2009, , Pages 215-228

  In Iran, fine grained formations (Neogene's units) are very susceptible to erosion. Also, they are the units producing runoff and causing soil loss in watersheds. The objectives of this study is to assess the effect of physical - chemical and mechanical properties of these formations on sediment and ...  Read More

Application of GIS for calculation of runoff (Case study: Kechik Watershed, Golestan province)

N. Noura; A. Kabir

Volume 62, Issue 1 , June 2009, , Pages 153-166

  In this paper the utilization of GIS for the parameterization of rainfall- runoff process, physically based hydrological model components is described. The hytrogeneity of soil and vegetation in a catchment can be expressed with distribution functions of infiltration and soil storage capacities which ...  Read More