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Impact of government policy and investment on reducing the effects of water crisis in arid and semi arid regions (Bajestan city of Razavi Khorasan province)

hosain kaffash; mostafa taleshi; hosain rahimi

Volume 71, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 149-171


  Government policies and investments that have been made in the past few decades with the aim of sustaining rural settlements have not reached desirable results, but today, most villages have adapted and adapted to environmental crises such as water crisis, adaptability and less agitation. In this research, ...  Read More

Investigating Low Flows trend Assessment in Isfahan Province

Masud Nasri; Reza Modares

Volume 70, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 247-256


  Although a number of studies have been carried out around meteorological drought in Isfahan province, there is no specific study about hydrologic drought. In this study, low flows trend was analysed for the first time as the most important indicator of hydrologic drought in Isfahan province watersheds. ...  Read More

Two Stage Multi Attributes Decision Making to Evaluate the Sustainability of Lake Urmia Restoration Alternatives

ali azarnivand; Mohammad Ebrahim Banihabib

Volume 68, Issue 2 , September 2015, , Pages 197-212


  Owing to the oncoming needs and increasing the population of Lake Urmia Watershed, providing equilibrium  between water supply and demand seems quite challenging and the Lake cannot be successful in meeting its ecological demands in this critical condition. In this unfavorable situation, water resources ...  Read More