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Forage Quality of Range Species in the Steppe Rangelands of Changuleh, Ilam Province

Hossein Arzani; Mehdi Moameri; Javad Motamedi; Mashaallah Mohammadpour

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 277-288


  One of the important factors to make a balance between number of grazing livestock and grazing capacity is whether forage contains sufficient energy and protein during grazing period or not. Therefore in this study, forage quality was evaluated for important species in steppe rangelands of Changuleh ...  Read More

The Effect of Precipitation and Short - term Exclosure on the Rangeland Vegetation Cover of Ahmad-Abad, Zanjan

Farhad Aghajanlou; Morteza Akbarzadeh; Ahmad Mousavi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 289-299


  The effect of exclosure on the changes of vegetation cover of rangelands of Ahmad-Abad region located in Zanjan province has been studied during 2002 to 2006. Three transects comprises of 60 fixed quadrate were establish within exclosure area and outside as well. The changes of vegetation cover were ...  Read More

Performance Assessment of Fuzzy Integrals as Aggregation Operators for Soil Suitability Analysis (Case Study: Silakhor Plain of Lorestan Province

Alireza Amirian Chekan; Ferydoon Sarmadiyan; Ahmad Heydari; Mahmoud Omid; Jahangir Mohammadi; Inakwu Odeh

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 301-314


  The traditional fuzzy operators, such as t-norms, t-conorms and averaging operators have been used for soil suitability evaluation to aggregate criteria as an overall suitability index. However, such operators do not account for the degree of compensation common to human aggregation criteria, especially ...  Read More

Statistical Analysis of Hydrological Regime Changes in Rivers of Western Part of Orumieh Lake Basin

Mehdi Teimouri; Ali Fathzadeh

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 315-328


  The discharge data used for hydrological modeling should be the long-term suitable random data without trend and jump which is followed a specific statistical distribution. In this study, the above mentioned conditions were evaluated for 31 years period (1974-2004) of annual mean discharge data of 10 ...  Read More

Applicability of Various Reconstruction Methods of Hydrometric Data (Case Study: Sefidroud Basin)

Hojatollah Jalilian; Ghobad Rostamizad; Saleh Arkhi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 329-340


  The necessity of using discharge data in hydrological designs and regional programming is an unavoidable matter. Unfortunately, malfunctioning of observation instruments, natural disasters and other problems sometimes result in incomplete or missing data. Having of data related to time series is necessary ...  Read More

Flood Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks and Nonlinear Multivariate Regression (Case Study: Taleghan Watershed)

Maryam Khosravi; Ali Salajegheh; Mohammad Mahdavi; Mohsen Mohseni Saravi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 341-349


  It is necessary to use empirical models for estimating of instantaneous peak discharge because of deficit of gauging stations in the country. Hence, at present study, two models including Artificial Neural Networks and nonlinear multivariate regression were used to predict peak discharge in Taleghan ...  Read More

Study of Flight Height and Spatial Resolution of Aerial Photography in Estimating Canopy Cover Percentage of Shrub Lands

Molouk Royan; Adel Sepehri; Abdolrasoul Salman Mahini

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 351-359


  Remote sensing and aerial photographs are used to produce medium to small scale images. However, for detailed information especially to estimate rangeland vegetation canopy cover there is a need to larger scale images. It is therefore necessary to study the technical applicability of different devices ...  Read More

Classification and Ordination of Vegetation Cover in Arid and Semi-arid Rangelands (Case study: Nir Rangelands of Yazd Province)

Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Masoud Yousefi; Mohammad Jafari; Hossein Azarnivand; Marjan Shafizadeh Nasrabadi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 361-378


  The current research was carried out to find out the most effective environmental factors in plant species occurrence by classification and ordination methods. For this purpose, the study was conducted in Nir rangelands of Yazd province and topography, climate, soil and grazing intensity data of the ...  Read More

Evaluation of Groundwater Recharge-Renewability by Analysis of Hydrological Processes, Water Mass Balance, and Using Tracers(Case Study: Hashtgerd Watershed)

Foroud Sharifi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 379-393


  This paper has focused on the application of hydro- geochemical techniques in conceptualizing of groundwater and to estimate recharge/discharge and the renewability of aquifer in Hashtgerd Watershed, Iran. At first, the aquifer boundary was defined based on data of existing wells and basin morphologic ...  Read More

Landslide Risk Zoning Potential by Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Multivariate Regression (MR) (Case Study: Upstream of North Karoon Basin)

Koroosh Shirani; Mohammadreza Haji Hashemi Jazi; Seyyed Ali Niknejad; Soleiman Rakhsha

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 395-409


  In western and southern watersheds of Isfahan province, combinations of natural and human factors have caused numerous landslides related damages. One of the main strategies for restricting the damage caused by the landslide is to avoid these regions. For this purpose, it is necessary to prepare precise ...  Read More

Investigation of Sand Drift Potential by Wind (Case Study: Kashan Plain)

Tayyebeh Mesbahzadeh; Hassan Ahmadi

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 411-422


  Sand dunes mobility is one of the serious problems in arid regions. Since wind regime is one of the important factors in sand dunes formation, its frequency, direction and magnitude can be effective. Amount of wind energy and its directional variability (wind regime) have significant control on the morphology ...  Read More

Ability of Flow Discharge and Suspended Sediment Concentration for Prediction of Phosphorus Concentration (Case Study: Kojour Watershed)

Hamzeh Nour; Seyyed Khallagh Mirnia; Maliheh Sadat Zarif Moazzam

Volume 65, Issue 3 , December 2012, Pages 423-432


  Some contaminants associate with soil particles and, thus, their transport and fate in the environment is determined by the soil erosion processes. Eutrophication, low oxygen levels and high nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) concentrations in reservoirs, canals and other water courses, is a common water ...  Read More