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Identification of Homogenous Watershed Basins for Estimating Soil Erosion and Sediment Yield Applying Different Methods of Cluster Analysis (Case study: North Alborz)

nasim arman; Ali Salajegheh; Sadat Feiznia; Hassan Ahmadi; Jamal Ghoddousi; ali kiani rad

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 261-273


  Identification of homogenous watershed sub basins allows generalization of environmental study results. For this purpose, first available data for 27 selected watersheds in North Alborz regarding 21 variables including physiographic and climatic characteristics was gathered. The most important factors ...  Read More

Relationship between Aggregate Stability and Selected SoilProperties in Taleghan Watershed

Mohsen Armin; hasan rouhipour; Hassan Ahmadi; Ali Salajegheh; mohammad Hossein Mahdian; vajihe ghorban nia kheybari

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 275-295


  Knowledge of soil components controlling aggregate stability is very important to soil structure conservation. Also, identification of the critical soil properties affecting aggregate stability is central to understanding where erosion might be located within a catchment as a result of natural patterns ...  Read More

Secondary Compounds as Indicator of Plant Palatability (Case Study: Karsanak Rangelands of Chaharmahal-Va-Bakhtiari Province)

Ataolah Ebrahimi; valiollah Raufirad; Hosein Arzani; Zahra Shojaei Asadeiye

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 297-309


  Determination of rangeland species palatability has some functions such as defining the rangeland grazing capacity and plant composition estimation. Despite the importance of palatability in rangeland management, no appropriate palatability indicator has been defined yet. Therefore, developing an accurate, ...  Read More

Investigation of Vegetation Dynamics in the Semi-Steppe Rangelands of Isfahan Province (Case study: Doolat Gharin of Semirom)

Seyyed Morteza Abtahi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 311-322


  The purpose of this study was to investigate vegetation dynamics and range conditions considering the climatic conditions and soil properties in Doolat Gharin in the South of Isfahan province of an area equal to 25 square kilometer. For this purpose, after determining vegetation types and associated ...  Read More

Evaluation of the Effect of Probability Distributions on Suspended Sediment Prediction Accuracy using ANN and ANFIS Models (Case Study: Dez Basin)

Hamide Afkhami; mohammad dastorani; farzaneh fotouhi firuzabadi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 323-338


  Due to the nature of the sediment data, selection of appropriate methods for processing the data before entering them to the artificial intelligence models can enhance the reliability of simulations results. In this study, the effects of sediment data processing procedures on ANN and ANFIS models outputs ...  Read More

Using Halocnemum Strobilaceum, Prosopis Juliflora, and Alfa-alfa Silage for Providing Forage of Livestock in Arid Areas

bahram amiri; nahid takin; hosien gharah daghi; behrouz rasouli

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 339-352


  In this study, a new and valuable forage source was introduced with combination and silage of alfa-alfa, Halocnemum and Mesquite via chemical, gas production and in vivo methods. To perform this research, first the right amounts of the species were collected. Then they were cut by chopper to the dimensions ...  Read More

Investigation of Relationship between Vegetation Factors and Soil Properties (Case Study: Khojir National Park)

seyed akbar javadi; alireza khanarmooyi; Mohammad Jafari

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 353-366


  The relationship between vegetation and soil properties in Khojier National park, located in Tehran province was investigated. For this purpose, vegetation data was recorded in each plot, based along 3 tansects in each vegetation type. Minimal area method was used for plot size. Density and vegetatin ...  Read More

Analysis of the Integrated Institution–User Network in Co-Management Action Plan of Rangeland(Case Study: Ghasr-e-Yaghoub, Khorram Bid, Fars Province)

Sareh Rasekhi; Ali Akbar Mehrabi; Seyed Akbar Javadi; Mehdi Ghorbani

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 367-382


  Renewable natural resources are national capital and are of paramount importance in each country. Preservation and developing these resources is incumbent upon relevant institutions and all people especially the beneficiaries. In this regard, various approaches have been recommended for optimum use and ...  Read More

The Potential of Species Richness and Diversity in Soil Seed Bank under Exclosure and Grazing

Fatemeh Salarian; Jamshid Ghorbani; Ghodratolah Heydari; Nosratolah Safaian

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 383-395


  Conservation and restoration of biodiversity is very important for degraded rangeland ecosystems. It is necessary to assess the potential of soil seed bank as a major source of species. In this study, the soil seed bank size and composition were compared between exclosure and grazed areas. This was done ...  Read More

Application of CANFIS Model in Prediction of Soil Cation Exchange Capacity in Some Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Iran

Fereydoon Sarmadian; Ali Keshavarzi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 397-410


  Data mining enables generalization of data of soil to remote areas and which is able to up/down scale of data in wide ranges of level that facilitate the decision-making process of executives. Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is one of the most important parameters in soil database and shows the ability ...  Read More

Economic Evaluation of Converting Non- Irrigation Farms to Amygdalus Gardens and its Impact on Soil Properties (Case Study: Dezhkord Village, Eqlid District)

somaye sharifi; fateme mohamadzade; Aliakbar Karimian; Seyyd Hamidreza Mirghaderi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 411-425


  Population growth and more demand for food have imposed pressure on natural resources, one of which is conversion of lands to farming land. For example, in some areas people convert slope rangelands around their village to non irrigation farms since they receive enough rain. This factor accelerates the ...  Read More

Effect of Different Grazing Intensities on Soil Carbon Sequestration and Nitrogen Stabilization (Case Study: Shahriar)

Mohammad Jafari; Hossein Azarnivand; Ahmad Sadeghipour; Nadia Kamali; Ahmad Heidari; Hassan Maddah arefi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 427-436


  Global warming and climate change have drawn special attention to soil and its potential for stable carbon sequestration. Soils are the largest stores of carbon in terrestrial carbon cycle and contain about three times more carbon than vegetation cover and two times more than that of atmosphere. Studying ...  Read More

The Effects of Geological Units’ Characteristics and Slope Gradient on Runoff and Sediment Yield Using Rainfall Simulator (Case study: Senobar Watershed, Torbat-e-Heydarieh)

parisa farzi; maryam azarakhshi; ali rasoulzadeh; mehdi bashiri

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 437-447


  Characteristics of stones forming the earth's surface contribute significantly to environmental changes such as soil erosion and movements of soil particles. This study seeks to investigate the main and reciprocal effects of geological units and slope gradient on runoff and sediment production in Senobar ...  Read More

Assessment of the Individual efficiency of Gabion and Cement-Masonry Check Dams in some Basins of Chaharmahal-va-Bakhtiary Province

Ahmad Ghanbari; Rafat Zare Bidaki; Afshin Honarbakhsh; Vafa Mahmoodinejad

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 449-460


  Check dam is the most costly watershed management practice. This research was an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of individual check dams in different watersheds of Chaharmahal-va-Bakhtiari. 11 criteria impacting upon check dams’ individual efficiency were considered: check dam location, ...  Read More

Evaluation of GOCART Scheme for Simulating PM10

hossein mohammad asgari; shahram khalighi sigarodi; Parviz Irannejad; Hassan Ahmadi; Arash Malekian

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 461-473


  Aerosol impact on people health, social and economic activities, land and water ecosystems and meteorological parameter. The GOCART scheme was evaluated for simulating PM10 in this study. GOCART was run into WRF model as a host model. Reanalysis data from FNL for every 6 hour was used for initial conditions. ...  Read More

Daily Rainfall Temporal Distribution Patterns and its Relations with Short-Term Precipitations in Coastal – Forest Areas (Case Study: Nowshahr Station, Northern Iran)

Maryam Moradnezhadi; Arash Malekian; Meghdad Jourgholami; Ali Ghasemi

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 475-485


  24 hour precipitation distribution pattern and its relationship to short-term rainfall is an important issue in hydrology studies such as in flood simulation and in design of hydraulic structures. Accordingly, this study made an attempt to investigate the relationship between daily precipitation and ...  Read More

Comparison of Different Geostatistical Methods for Estimating Rainfall in Hajighoshan Watershed

Yosef Nabipour; Mahadi Vatakhah

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 487-502


  Rainfall spatial analysis methods are very helpful since there are not enough rainfall gauge stations and watersheds are scattered in large extent. There are many different methods for estimating average precipitation such as; arithmetic method and Thiessen polygon. However, the arrangement and location ...  Read More

Reconstruction of Daily Discharge using Artificial Neural Network and Neuro-Fuzzy Methods (Case Study: Upstream of Karoun Watershed)

Mojtaba Nassaji zavareh; Bagher Ghermezcheshmeh; Fatemeh Rahimzadeh

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 503-514


  Daily constant discharges are needed estimating daily discharge in the hydrological model. The different number of statistical years, statistical deficiencies, and measurement error leads to the formation of time series with an uncommon time base. Hence the reconstruction of daily discharge data is of ...  Read More

Evaluating impact of teleconnection indexes on river flow forecasting(Case study: Hablehrud River Basin)

Mohammad Reza Yazdani; Ali Asghar zolfaghari

Volume 69, Issue 2 , July 2016, Pages 515-528


  Watershed outflow has influenced by different factors such as climatic, human and physical aspects and this Variability of effective factors can cause complex conditions, difficulty of flow forecasting and it mainly originates by different local and temporal scales of these factors. Also, some remote ...  Read More