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Wastewater effects on some soil physical and chemical properties in rangeland restoration projects (Case study: East Isfahan)

Hossein Bashari; Mostafa Tarkesh; Tayebeh Shahabadi; Mohammad Reza Mosadeghi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 1-13


  Abstract This study aimed to investigate the effects of urban wastewater on some soil physical and chemical properties in Segzi, East Isfahan. Six sites were selected considering the planted species (Haloxylon persicum and Nitraria schoberi) and irrigation types (control or no irrigation, water logged ...  Read More

Determination of deep infiltrate level of sediment in floodwater spreading fields (Case study: Gachsaran station)

mohsen padyab; Sadat Feiznia; Hasan Ahmadi; Ardeshir Shafei

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 15-24


  Evaluation of changes present in soil and water resources due to operation implement of floodwater spreading is necessary to assess their positive or negative resultant effect. Rate of the internal sediment to diversion spreader channels, surface sedimentation and aggregation of the spreading field depth ...  Read More

The Effect of Different Irrigation Treatments on Resin Yield, Essential Oil Content, Morphological Traits and Survival of Bitter Asafetida (Ferula assa-foetida L.)

Mohammad Reza Pirmoradi; Mohammad Moghaddam; Navid Yazdani

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 25-34


  Bitter asafetida (Ferula assafoetida L.) is one of the medicinal-rangeland plants belonging to Apiaceae family. The resin which is through incision secreted of the root has medicinal properties. The effect of rain on resin yield of this plant is one of problem of natural resources offices. The main aim ...  Read More

Indentification Effective Factors on Lack of Particupation on Implementing of Range Management Projects in Kohgiloyeh Township

Farhad Lashgarara; Majidreza Davarpanah; S.Akbar Javadi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 35-46


  This study Proceeded the Identity of the shackles of Participation pasture manageres about Performance Projects range- Management to Central Part kohkiloie Township. The purpose in this study was to Identity of the shackles of Participation pasture manageres about Performance Projects range- Management ...  Read More

Social power and Centrality indicator of stakeholders' network toward rangeland co-management (Case study: Goormomenin rangeland- Kalateh Roudbar- Damghan)

khadijeh rahimi balkanlou; Mehdi Ghorbani; mohammad jafari; ali tavili

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 47-64


  One of the most important preparation steps of co-management projects implementation is recognizing key actors at local community level. These actors can assist managers and planners as local leaders and social powers. By applying social network analysis and centrality index at actors’ level of ...  Read More

Analysis of Information Exchange Network among Organizations for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (Study case: Alborz Watershed in Mazandaran province)

Abdolmotalleb Rezaei; Seyyed Mahmoud Hosseini; Ali Asadi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 65-79


  Social network analysis used to study the relationship between stakeholders and actors in natural resource management has become a scientific approach. The purpose of this study was analysis of Information Exchange Network among organizations engage in the sustainable management of natural resources. ...  Read More

Optimization of sample unit’s shape and size to enhancing precision and accuracy of density estimation of Astragalus verus in Mayan rangeland, Mashhad

zahra zangane; Kamalaldin Naseri; Fereydoon Mellati; Mansoor Mesdaghi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 81-94


  Because plant density is often measured by using plots and also in most cases are done by the method of estimation and counting the individuals, so one of the important cases that we have to decide on is the size and shape of plot. In this research, the density of Astragalus verus that it's one of the ...  Read More

Application of linear moment methods for Hershfild method (Case study Halilrud watershed)

farshad soleimani sardou; Ali Salagegh; Mahdie Sanjari; Ali Azare

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 95-108


  Nowadays, designing hydraulic structures for flood damage mitigation has a significant importance in water engineering. One of the necessary parameters for the design of flood control measures is the probable maximum 24-hour precipitation in a 1000-year return period. This research was done using Jiroft ...  Read More

LADA method Performance evaluation on soil degradation assessment in the East of Esfahan

Behzad Rayegani; Gholamreza Zehtabian; Hossein Azarnivand; seyed kazem alavipanah; Sayed Jamaleddin Khajeddin

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 109-129


    Soil is one of the main non-renewable natural resources in the world and its degradation is considered as a major threat around the globe because it reduces the productivity capacity of soil variability and makes the environment instable in the long turn. Soil degradation has three different ...  Read More

Investigation on relation between rangelands production with effective climatic parameters and drought indices in Noudushan, Iran

samaneh Mohammadi Moghaddam; Abolfazl Mosaedi; Mohammad Jankju; Mansour Mesdaghi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 131-148


    Although precipitation is the most important factor which effects rangeland production, but there is little information on the relationship between production and the interactions of climatic factors and specially drought indices. .In this research, the relation between production and climatic ...  Read More

Effect of vegetation patches as microhabitat on changing soil properties (Case study: saline rangelands of Tez Kharab in Urmia)

Javad Motamedi; Arezu Alizadeh; Azadeh Alemzadeh Gorji

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 149-158


  Plants change their environment characteristics and especially soil properties while their growth and adaptation, to develop plant communities. In this study effect of halophyte patches from Urmia lack in a vegetation type of Salsola nitraria and Aeluropus littoralis on chemical and physical properties ...  Read More

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Model for Ground Water Quality Simulation (Case study: Kashan aquifer)

mohammad mirzavand; Hoda ghasemieh; mahmud akbari; seyed javad sadatinejad

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 159-171


  Kashan aquifer is adjacent to Salt Lake. Because of this adjacency, the saline water of the lake has moved to the aquifer. In this study groundwater quality of the aquifer was simulated using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) model. For this purpose, the dominant ion of water was first determined by Piper ...  Read More

Evaluating the relationship between Atriplex halimus density with soil carbon sequestration (case study: semi-arid rangeland of Incheborun, Golestan Province)

Roya Vazirian; Hamid Reza Asgari; Majid Ownegh; Chooghi Bairam Komaki

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 173-180


  Understanding the relationship between soil and plant is essential for reclamation of degraded lands. In order to investigate the relationship between Atriplex halimus density with carbon sequestration the rangeland of Incheborun was studied. Soil samples were collected randomly by Auger in the depth ...  Read More

Land Use Optimization for Soil Erosion Minimization and Pure Income Maximization in the Part of Taleghan Watershed

Mehdi Vatakhah; Mohsen Mohsenisaravi; Hasan Ahmadi

Volume 68, Issue 1 , June 2015, Pages 181-195


  Land use optimization is one of the suitable methods for soil conservation. The present research with objective of land use optimization for soil erosion minimization and pure income maximization was conducted in the part of Taleghan Watershed which comprises 80427.23 ha in area. To achieve this propose, ...  Read More