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Agropyron intermedium species distribution modeling sites with maximum entropy method species (case study: rangeland of Taleghan Miany)

Mahboobeh Abasi; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Hossein Bagheri

Volume 75, Issue 3 , December 2022, , Pages 363-376


  The main objectives of this study were to prepare a prediction map of the potential habitat of Agropyron intermedium and Find important factors influencing the establishment and distribution of this species and the preferred tendency of the species was relative to environmental factors Using the Maxent ...  Read More

Comparison the effect of three types of polymer mulches and plant mulch on some physical properties of soil

Nadia Kamali; Hossein Azarnivand; Shervin Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Ahmad Sadeghipour

Volume 75, Issue 2 , September 2022, , Pages 169-179


  This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of polymer mulches and plant mulch on some soil physical properties. For this purpose, effects of synthetic polymer, natural polymer, natural - synthetic polymer, and litter, On some physical properties of soil at two depths (0-5 cm and 5-30 cm) and two ...  Read More

Impact of different levels of natural biochar on some soil properties, germination percentage, and yield of Pamirian winterfat (Eurotia ceratoides) rangeland plant

Raziyeh Dehghani; Mohammad Jafari; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Salman Zare; ِAli Tavili; Babak Moteshrezadeh

Volume 75, Issue 1 , June 2022, , Pages 35-50


  The use of biochar as a soil amendment is one of the new methods to improve soil properties and increase plant yield. In this study, in order to evaluate the effect of adding natural biochar on soil properties and yield of Pamirian winterfat (Eurotia ceratoides) plant, an experiment in a completely randomized ...  Read More

The effect of Silviculture on Tillering Haloxylon to determine the best height and time pruning (Case study: haloxylon plantation in eshtehard)

sadegh hoseinniaee; Hossein Azarnivand; Mohammad Jafari; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 72, Issue 4 , March 2020, , Pages 951-964


  Haloxylon is one of the resistant plants in desert areas, which has always been considered by researchers and practitioners since controlling sandy soils as one of the solutions to erosion and sand fixation by biological methods. In this study was conducted in forest plantations eshtehard, Bases of haloxylon ...  Read More

Investigating the effect of flowering stage on the quality and quantity of Salvia limbata essential oil in different altitudes inTaleghan rangelands

Maryam Saffariha; Hossein Azarnivand; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; ِAli Tavili; Samad Nejad Ebrahimi; Daniel Potter

Volume 72, Issue 1 , June 2019, , Pages 139-149


  Salvia limbata is an herbaceous plant which belongs to Lamiaceae family and is native to Iran. In this study, essential oils and variety of chemical compounds of Salvia limbata in flowering stage in different altitudes in July were studied. In order to study the active ingredients of plant in studied ...  Read More

Habitat prediction model medicinal species of Rheum ribes L. with Maximum Entropy model in Chahtorsh rangeland of the Yazd province

Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; mahbobe abbasi

Volume 71, Issue 2 , September 2018, , Pages 379-391


  Rheum ribes species is one of the important medicinal plants in the world. In this study were used maximum entropy method (Maxent) and the MAXENT software to this prediction habitat map. Measure environmental variables was soil variables including gravel percentage, pH, electrical conductivity, percent ...  Read More

Comparison of carbon storage In Natural And Planted Ranges

afshin sadeghirad; Hossein azarnivand; mohamad jafari; mohamadali zarechahoki

Volume 71, Issue 1 , June 2018, , Pages 137-148


  Nowadays climate change, is the most significant threat in terms of sustainable development, particularly in developing countries. So regarding to rangeland ecosystems and their ability is a Particular attention to sequester carbon. This study aimed to assessing the carbon sequestration potential of ...  Read More

Determine the most important criteria and indicators that influence land degradation and desertification

Nooshin Shakerian; Gholamreza Zehtabian; Mohammad Ali Zareh Chahooki; Hassan Khosravi

Volume 70, Issue 2 , August 2017, , Pages 385-398


  Nowadays, land degradation and desertification are serious and complex problems that have turned into a worldwide crisis in the world. Using evaluative systems to study degradation and adopting an appropriate strategy to deal with this phenomenon is necessary and important.  The first step in the ...  Read More

Investigation of the Quality of Plant Species Parts in Different Phenological Stages Using NIRs (Case Study: Rangelands of Nodooshan-Yazd)

razie shahbandari; Hossein Arzani; naser baghestani meybodi; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 70, Issue 1 , June 2017, , Pages 139-149


  The most important factor affecting forage quality is phenological stage that if it is recognized correctly, the appropriate grazing time will be determined. In this study, four species including Artemisia sieberi, Salsolakerneri, AelieniasubaphyllaandEurotiaceratoides in different phenological stages ...  Read More

Study of the role of soil properties in making differences between plant communities

fatemeh naghizadeh; mohammad jafari; hosein azarnivand; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 69, Issue 3 , December 2016, , Pages 765-776


  In this study, the role of soil properties in making difference between plant communitieswas examined. First, four plant types were identified, including Pteropyrumaucheri-Salsolarigida، Astragalus gossypinus - Acanthophyllum herateens، Amygdalus scoparia – Achilla millefolium and Ephedra intermedia ...  Read More

Assessment on the Effects of Super Absorbent Polymer Application on Plants Survival and Costs in Planting Projects (Case study: Semnan Province)

Mohammad Jafari; ِAli Tavili; Yahya Esmaeilpour; Hossein Azarnivand; Mohammad Zare Chahouki; Hamid Reza Asghari

Volume 68, Issue 4 , January 2016, , Pages 725-738


  Abstract In this study the effects and costs of application of two kinds of super absorbent polymer on the establishment and surviving of seedlings was investigated. Experiments were done in the field and on two kind of soil with different salinity (EC: 4.5 and 8 dsm-1). The results showed: the establishment ...  Read More

Mapping the potential habitat of Zygophylum eurypterum in North East of Semnan, using Ecological Niche Factor Analysis

leila khalasiahwazi; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 67, Issue 4 , May 2015, , Pages 525-536


  Zygophyllum atriplicoides is one of the most important rangeland plants that often seen as associated species and rarely seen as the dominant species in ranglands rangelands which is very critical for soil  in starting and ending points of each transect. Measured soil properties (included gravel, ...  Read More

Mapping soil surface salinity using Landsat Data ( Case Study: Bueinzahra


Volume 67, Issue 4 , May 2015, , Pages 631-640


  This research was done in order to submit a model for salinity map made with TM satellite data and salinity values in a Buienzahra. The necessary processings such as principal component analysis and producing of different indices was done on the main bands. The 38 soil samples using random sampling (with ...  Read More

Assessment of Current Desertification Status using IMDPA and Determination of Effective Factors of Land Degradation (Case Study: Damghan region)

shima nikoo; Hossein Azarnivand; Gholam Reza Zehtabiyan; Hasan Ahmadi; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 67, Issue 4 , May 2015, , Pages 641-655


  Combating desertification which is a serious threat for the environment and human welfare requires understanding complex issues of this phenomenon using evaluation, awareness of severity of it's processes and determination of it's factors. So here, after recognizing the characteristics of the region ...  Read More

Plant Species Distribution Modeling Using Logistic Regression Models in the North East of Semnan

Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Lyla Khalsi Ahvazi; Hossein Azarnivand

Volume 67, Issue 1 , May 2014, , Pages 45-59


  The aim of this study was providing plant species predictive habitat models by using logisticregression method. For this purpose, study area conducted in north east rangelands of Semnanmodeling vegetation data in addition to site condition in formation including topography, and soil wasprepared. sampling ...  Read More

Preparing the spatial distribution of soil factors by interpolation methods in east rangeland of Semnan

Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki; Lyla Khalsi Ahvazi; Hossein Azarnivand; Asghar Zare Chahouki

Volume 66, Issue 3 , November 2013, , Pages 387-399


  The aim of this study preparation of the predicted soil maps by using kriging and Inverse Distance Weighting methods in east rangeland of Semnan. Sampling was done within each unit of sampling parallel transects and 1 vertical transect with 750m length. Soil samples were taken from 0-20 cm in starting ...  Read More

Comparison of techniques for density measurement in three plants communities F.ovina, B. tomentellus and P.ferulacea (Research station: Rangelands of Saral in Kurdistan province)

Jamal Imani; Hossein Arzani; Mohammad Ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 66, Issue 2 , July 2013, , Pages 179-190


  For assessment and comparison of measuring density methods of Festuca ovina, Bromus tomentellus and prangos ferulacea, three plants communities are selected. In all of plant community, reference area was defined and samples 7000 (70*100) square meter was selected. Whole the area, sampling was accumplished ...  Read More

Study of Water Ownership System Evolution Trend, Irrigation Cycle and Costs of Well in Charkhab Village, Yazd Province

I Islami; A.A Mehrabi; GH.R Zehtabian; M.R Ekhtesasi; M.A Zare Chahooki

Volume 63, Issue 3 , December 2010, , Pages 287-305

  Yazd province because of cultural and historical background of the distant past always had known as ambitious and hard-working people. Manifesting multiple efforts of these people is seen in water harvesting. In Yazd province, background issues such as evaluation and assessment of water, ownership and ...  Read More

Comparison of Regional Flood Analysis Methods in Central Alborz Region

v Payravand; ali Salajegheh; mohamad Mahdavi; mohamad ali Zare Chahouki

Volume 63, Issue 2 , September 2010, , Pages 131-18

  One of the most appropriate approaches for flood forecasting is using peak discharge data of hydrometric stations in each region. However, lack of such stations or short duration of data in most parts of the country, make it necessary to use some alternative methods in order to estimate the flood discharge ...  Read More